27 02 2010

Last Monday we went out to John Brown beach (at the tip of Japonski Island here in Sitka) to explore the tide pools.
A clear day, great views of the volcano:

A lot of anemones: (Pics look a little odd due to shooting into the water.)

Leather star fish abound, in all their aromatic glory (they have a garlic-like aroma):

T & JBug held one:

Ochre starfishes under a rock. They were all over the place!

And more unusual wildlife: Superboy and his Parkour training on the rocks, lol:

And last, but not least, Cassie continues to enjoy the water, regardless of the water temp!


View out back this evening.

27 02 2010

I love my backyard. It provides me with some great views, including tonight’s sunset.

Flight over ice.

21 02 2010

What a beautiful day we had yesterday and today. And the forecast is for more of this through the weekend. We had a flight from Sitka to Haines early in the afternoon today. Clear skies, views that went on forever.

Here is a short video of the flight as we cut across the ice fields that feed the glaciers just west of Haines. A little bumpy due to some turbulence as you’ll see that we were just above the ice, and just off the peaks.

Office window.

20 02 2010

The office window was just great today. Clear skies for a flight to Haines to pick up a patient.

Lake near Sitka:

Another view:

Some of the peaks fascinated me:

Some of which are not so conveniently off to the side:

Lastly, we flew over the glaciers west of Haines and exited over the Rainbow Glacier onto the fjord by Haines:

Flight to Angoon, Alaska

16 02 2010

Arriving at the Angoon, Alaska “Airport” to pick up a patient.

My one love

14 02 2010

Happy Valentine’s Day sweety. I love you!


Flight out of Sitka

14 02 2010

Short video as we headed out of Sitka to a town called Klawock earlier this week. Partly cloudy day, so the mountains behind town are obscured, but still a nice view.