Of pigeons and eagles.

11 02 2010

There is a lot of Sitka that reminds me of when we were in Kodiak a few years ago. For one, here in the Sitka the eagles are also as numerous as pigeons are for most folks in the lower 48.They are everywhere. In large quantities. Enough to make the cat very nervous every time he goes outside.

Looking out of my office window at the hanger, I noticed a couple on the parking lot’s lightpost. By the time I got the camera and snapped a quick shot, one was already headed off elsewhere.

The other hung out for a few minutes, and then left also.

I was thankful for the opportunity to enjoy viewing them, a mere 50 or so feet from where I sat.



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11 02 2010

Several years ago, when I was a vet tech in the USAF stationed in Germany, we kept a couple juvenile Bald-Eagles in our clinic overnight. They were a gift from the German government to newly elected President Reagan. I suppose the closest I got to them was across an exam room table…beautiful creatures. They didn’t have the white head yet, still brown, but wonderful nonetheless. And now living in Arizona, there are tons of pigeons everywhere…. Want to trade some? 🙂

Thank you for the pix.

12 02 2010

Here in Sitka we have the Raptor Center, a facility dedicate to rehabilitating birds of prey primarily. It is always very impressive to visit there and see these birds up close and really appreciate just how large and beautiful these birds are.

13 02 2010

What a great opportunity!

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