Sitka’s nightlife…

17 03 2010

The fishing fleet has been increasing significantly every day this past week in anticipation of the opening of the herring sac roe run. You can read up more on that subject here. Basically there are 49 permits issued for a max of 1800 tons of harvest. The fishermen have as little as just 10 minutes between opening and closing of the run, it is a chaotic mad dash to harvest, such a profitable endeavor that one load of fish can net (no pun intended) over $1 million.

We have enjoyed watching the fleet, all the different boats and some of their colorful names. The main dock they moor at is just across the channel off my backyard. Here is a couple of shots tonight.

I like taking pictures at night, something acquired from taking pictures of the Northern Lights. It is challenging and something that I have a long way to go before I can claim any sort of proficiency.


The World’s Greatest Race!

14 03 2010

Don’t miss out, things are getting exciting out there as they head into the last 1/3 of THE RACE.

(All of this is happening with temps in the neg 30s. There are just some things I don’t miss about living in the interior).

The official site is HERE.

Totem Park

13 03 2010

Sitka has a National Park that celebrates the Tlingit and Haida Cultures by preserving their culture, in particular as it relates to Totems.

A walk through any of the pathways will bring you up close to some of these impressive carvings.

As part of this support, the park provides for native carvers an area for them to practice their art. I met one such carver during a medevac flight. Jessie Daniels invited me to come see some of the work he had in progress and to see some of the other carvers and their art.
Here is Jessie and a crossbow he is completing:

A closeup of the bow:

Here is another carver, Tommy Joseph, who is well celebrated within this art for his great abilities. He was working on a totem pole commissioned by the census bureau to commemorate the start of the 2010 census count.

Some of his tools:

And these are some of the carvings recently completed and now being displayed:

After viewing the carvers, the displays and some of the exhibits, we took a walk along the paths that meandered by the shore, enjoying the view from the beach at low tide:

Break in the weather…

3 03 2010

Sometimes the weather breaks at the right moment. Yesterday what started out as a dreary day became glorious by the time of our first flight at 10 am, and stayed that way all day. This morning we were right back to rain and snow showers.