Break in the weather…

3 03 2010

Sometimes the weather breaks at the right moment. Yesterday what started out as a dreary day became glorious by the time of our first flight at 10 am, and stayed that way all day. This morning we were right back to rain and snow showers.



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4 03 2010

Incredible…are you still in awe of the majesty…every day that you get up there and make your flights? Thanks, man, for the six-minute vacation from my desert world this morning. 🙂

4 03 2010

Every moment I am in the air, and most of my time on the ground as well, I am in awe of what this great state offers. It never gets old!

4 03 2010

What a treasure…and how wonderful for you!

11 03 2010
scott (the other one)

I’m not going to say your job isn’t tough, since I’m sure it is…

…but I will say your commute is pretty much unsurpassed. 🙂

13 03 2010

I gotta agree. The job can be tough at times, but the commute sure lessens the stress involved.

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