Sitka’s nightlife…

17 03 2010

The fishing fleet has been increasing significantly every day this past week in anticipation of the opening of the herring sac roe run. You can read up more on that subject here. Basically there are 49 permits issued for a max of 1800 tons of harvest. The fishermen have as little as just 10 minutes between opening and closing of the run, it is a chaotic mad dash to harvest, such a profitable endeavor that one load of fish can net (no pun intended) over $1 million.

We have enjoyed watching the fleet, all the different boats and some of their colorful names. The main dock they moor at is just across the channel off my backyard. Here is a couple of shots tonight.

I like taking pictures at night, something acquired from taking pictures of the Northern Lights. It is challenging and something that I have a long way to go before I can claim any sort of proficiency.



6 responses

17 03 2010

Nice shots, babe!

18 03 2010

If these two pictures are any indication of your new skill, I’d say you’re going to be doing very well. They’re wonderful! And just off your backyard, too…goodness. Well done, Ed.

18 03 2010

I really enjoy your updates, Ed. I should be doing the same.

18 03 2010

Yes Bryan, you should be. You fly in some pretty interesting areas as well. Would love to see more pics!

18 03 2010

Thank you, thank you *blushing*. I know I have a long way to go, but in looking back at night pics from a year ago, it is nice to see some progress.

19 03 2010

nice ed

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