When Herring show up in your backyard…

29 04 2010

The sea lions follow:

As do the eagles,

All over the trees behind the house:

And in the neighborhood:

The eagles dove out over the water as they zoomed in on the fish:

A near miss:

Some hard banking

Did it get the fish?

It sure did, not one, but two! One in each set of talons:

And this one, not to be out done, one in a set of talons, one in the beak:

And ofcourse my son is out trying his luck as well.
He did catch 2 herrings with his cast net.


Whales Vocalizing in Silver Bay

29 04 2010

Video of whales feeding and vocalizing here in Sitka at Silver Bay

Early spring morning view of Mt Edgecumbe

19 04 2010

The volcanoe in the early mist/ fog yesterday morning when I arrived to work.

Flying into Haines, AK

17 04 2010

Love looking at the icefields, the glaciers and the beautiful mountains that are all over SE Alaska. This is a recent trip into Haines, AK on a beautiful day.

Alaska Raptor Center

3 04 2010

The Alaska Raptor Center here in Sitka is dedicated to rehabilitating sick or injured birds of prey with the goal of releasing them back to the wild. Today they released 4 eagles.

The video is a little shaky, sorry. But I had a camera in the other hand, and three little ones I was keeping an eye on since Theresa was busy…releasing the eagle. With an ear to ear grin!