When Herring show up in your backyard…

29 04 2010

The sea lions follow:

As do the eagles,

All over the trees behind the house:

And in the neighborhood:

The eagles dove out over the water as they zoomed in on the fish:

A near miss:

Some hard banking

Did it get the fish?

It sure did, not one, but two! One in each set of talons:

And this one, not to be out done, one in a set of talons, one in the beak:

And ofcourse my son is out trying his luck as well.
He did catch 2 herrings with his cast net.



5 responses

30 04 2010

Wow. Now I’m reminded, yet again, why you made the move. Hope the family is enjoying it as much as you seem to be!

1 05 2010

We are loving it Bryan. So glad to be back in the big country!

30 04 2010

Just amazing photo’s. What a multi talented man… and a book also.

1 05 2010

You should read it, I think you’d enjoy it.

13 05 2010

Beautiful photos all…thank you, Sir.

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