A walk in the woods

19 06 2010

We went for a walk in the woods yesterday evening. Walked through Starrigavan at the end of the road here in Sitka.

Concentrated on taking pictures mostly of the wild flowers.

Chocolate Lilly. First saw these a few years ago in Kodiak, very happy to discover them again here:

Columbine (Yes, the now infamous Colorado school is named after this flower):

Dwarf Cornell, also known as Bunchberry:

Not flowers, but I found the budding new growth on the spruce to have a beauty of its own:


And Lupine, here seen with Jack-Jack:

And the other two little flower hunters, J-Bug:

And Squirt:

We finished our walk with a little excitment when we came across a fresh set of Grizzly Bear tracks!



2 responses

20 06 2010

The artist in you shines through in your photography…
Are these cute kids your grandkids…??

Happy Fathers Day…

20 06 2010

Thanks Angelica! How’s the trip going? The 2 youngest are, the other one is my child.

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