This weekend…

19 01 2013

Went down to Anchorage to check out UAA with my son. Looks like it will be a good fit. Made it back home tonight with the Northern Lights dancing across the skies…it is such a privilege to live here and be able to enjoy them!





2 responses

20 01 2013

Wow.. do you feel like you are in another world when you are lying on your back staring up at them? Or do you get used to them like anything else and they lose their wonder?

20 01 2013

They never lose their wonder, they are so dynamic and awe inspiring. Their intensity changes from moment to moment, wax and wane all over the sky and at times just seem stuck as well. It is a great show, in a great land.
Too cold to lie on the frozen ground and watch them, but I have a great view from my bedroom window and can lay on the bed and enjoy them.

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