29 08 2013

Denali showed all her faces to us on our drive back home from Anchorage.

South view:


East view:


North view:


And no west view as we were driving, not flying.


Monochromatic day

21 01 2013

Spruce forest hike

Monochromatic day today due to the cloud covers, still rather warm by Fairbanks standards, so a good day to hike with Sam the dog mushing trail that runs behind the house,

down through the Birch forest,

trail birch

and the Spruce as well

trail spruce

with Sam stopping to get a different perspective,


while I continued to focus more on minutia today…

trail detail 2

Fairbanks’ fireworks on New Year’s Eve

7 01 2013

Happy New Year!

Fog rolled in this morning,

31 07 2010

thick as thieves!

Things I love about Alaska: the wild life!

14 07 2010

It is amazing how close to nature you can get here. Even in a “big city” like Anchorage, they have animal problems (Grizzly bears and moose)!

Here’s a sampling, all of these taken from a road or my backyard.

Things I love about Alaska: NL

8 07 2010

Northern Lights!

Things I love about Alaska: DNP

5 07 2010