29 08 2013

Denali showed all her faces to us on our drive back home from Anchorage.

South view:


East view:


North view:


And no west view as we were driving, not flying.


The neigborhood…

15 08 2013

The neigborhood...

I love living in a state where I can come across these guys on a drive, or in my backyard. Of course always good to keep a respectable distance…


3 08 2013


I never tire of seeing Denali when I travel south from Fairbanks. I find it inspiring all the time, in every season, with clouds, clear sky or a mixture such as this picture from a week ago.

The neighborhood

24 01 2013

I love living in a place that frequently hits 40 below, and can go even into the negative 60s.

I love living in a place that frequently hits 80s and 90s above.

All this I experience here in the Golden Heart Valley of Alaska.

But what really touches me and warms my heart is having moose roam the neighborhood around the house and even bed down in my yard. Puts a smile on my face every single time!



This weekend…

19 01 2013

Went down to Anchorage to check out UAA with my son. Looks like it will be a good fit. Made it back home tonight with the Northern Lights dancing across the skies…it is such a privilege to live here and be able to enjoy them!



Winter solstice

9 01 2013

Winter solstice is always a nice milestone to reach, and now it’s been a couple weeks since and the days feel longer, but it is probably not more than 20 or 30 minutes longer at this point. But at long last our days have stopped getting shorter, about 31/2 hours of direct sunlight here a mere 120 miles south of the Arctic Circle.



Went hiking/ snow shoeing out in the Chena Lakes area, just past North Pole, which ironically is south of Fairbanks. At a little past 1:30 in the afternoon the sun has already peaked.

Mt Edgecumbe

2 01 2012

Mt Edgecumbe

View from SeaMart