Ice Lanterns

8 01 2013

Made some ice lanterns right before Christmas. With small candles inside they cast a nice light on the porch, although at 40 below there was no warmth to them. With our subarctic temps they should stay around through lateImage April when the Spring thaw finally arrives.


Fairbanks’ fireworks on New Year’s Eve

7 01 2013

Happy New Year!

Mt Edgecumbe

2 01 2012

Mt Edgecumbe

View from SeaMart

Fog rolled in this morning,

31 07 2010

thick as thieves!

Things I love about Alaska: the wild life!

14 07 2010

It is amazing how close to nature you can get here. Even in a “big city” like Anchorage, they have animal problems (Grizzly bears and moose)!

Here’s a sampling, all of these taken from a road or my backyard.

Things I love about Alaska: NL

8 07 2010

Northern Lights!

Things I love about Alaska: DNP

5 07 2010